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Superbowl 42 was one of the best, most enjoyable (unless U R NE fanatic) football games to watch, ever. Superbowls have often been boring. Not this one.

With the Giants big underdogs, NE undefeated, and Eli Manning, little brother of last year's superbowl winning quarterback, Peyton Manning, throwing the winning touchdown after a drive with only minutes remaining in the game, this will be remembered as one of the classic sports games of all time.

I like watching football. I always have. As a small kid I played touch and tackle football on the lawn in front of our garden apartment complex, and I always enjoyed it. I never got hurt, which is lucky because I was not just small I was one of the smaller kids there. In college, a Freshman, sixteen, as a young, small, still growing, physicist, I liked going to football games although people always told me that young, small physicists didn't go to football games.

I don't usually root for players or teams. I like watching but I'm not a fan. I've had very bad luck as a fan in all sports. My very first baseball game, in Ebbets Field, I watched Stan Musial of the Cardinals hit several home runs to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers. With a friend, an anti-Dodger, rabid Yankee fan, I watched Bobby Thomson hit the home run off Ralph Branca that brought the disastrous decline of the Dodger's huge league lead to a devastating end. When I turn on a tennis match, whoever I like better usually switches from winning to missing points. Even Tiger misses putts when I watch.

So it was with some sorrow for the Giants that I was gently rooting for them to turn the game around. And they did! Super upset! What a great game!

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